The first World Puzzle Championship (WPC) was held in 1992 in New York, USA. In 2006 the WPF started supervising a yearly World Sudoku Championship (WSC) as well. The first one took place March 10-11, in Lucca (Italy). From 2011, the WSC and WPC are combined into a one week event (WSPC) and held around October-November. They are still two championships exclusive of each other but the hosts, website, etc. are the same so they are combined in the records too for simplicity.
The Asian Sudoku Championship (ASC) started in 2018 and is typically held at the start of the year.

All puzzles from the world championships from the last years can be bought in ourĀ archive.

WSPC hosts


The guidebook is the official WPF document designed for the future World Sudoku/Puzzle Championship hosts.

The rules are to be followed by the organiser and should help to run the event.

Important note: The WPF is currently working on a new version of the guidebook!